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GES Group proudly exhibiting at St Georges Market

Lorraine Farrell - Friday, August 30, 2019

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 18th September 2019 at St Georges Market Belfast from 8:30am to 1pm .

(The Annual Networking Conference and Business Showcase is one of NI Chamber’s flagship events.

It is the largest dedicated networking event in Northern Ireland, attracting over 800 delegates and 120 exhibiting businesses. This popular event will provide local businesses a platform to sell their products and services in Belfast’s original Marketplace.

The conference features a significant line-up of inspirational speakers from high profile companies on themes such as Sales & Marketing and Business Innovation

When Roger LaSalle Drops By For A Visit

Rachel Doherty - Friday, February 24, 2017

We recently had a surprise visit from the creator of Matrix Thinking, Roger LaSalle, who presented GES with an award for our win at the Training Journal Awards, and delivered a workshop to the team on Innovative Thinking.

L-R: Dennis Laverty, Ingenuity, Richard Paul, GES Group, David Moore, GES Group, Roger LaSalle, Innovation Training, Tom Grant, GES Group, Ian Laverty, Ingenuity.

GES Group have invested heavily in delivering an Innovation Programme to their Management Team, and employees, in collaboration with their training partner, Ingenuity.

Innovation is defined as "change that adds value", and we began this significant training and development journey to introduce creativity and innovation into the Management Team, company strategy, and culture. The programme, which started in August 2015, included: 360 Feedback, Psychometric Profiling, One-to-One Mentoring, Training Workshops delivered over Residential Weekends, and the use of LaSalle's Innovation Matrix to develop Business Improvement Projects chosen based on their likelihood of success, and their potential impact on the organisation. These were used as the vehicle for implementing change and embedding a culture of innovation in the Company.

Ian Laverty, Managing Director of Ingenuity, said:

"We work with many clients across Northern Ireland, and further afield. The organisations who benefit the most are those that take training and development, and commit to the implementation of the learning in the workplace. GES Group have excelled at exactly that, and we were delighted that we all got the recognition that our efforts deserve in winning the National Training Award in London in December 2016 (beating some significant national corporates such as BT in the process).

The team's hard work and the recognition received, caught the attention of one of the world’s leading thinkers and speakers on innovation, and he couldn’t help himself but come and see what we’ve been doing. It’s a great story and an even greater achievement. Well done to all at GES."

The initial Programme has developed into a permanent and continuous Business Improvement Strategy, with significant tangible outputs. Employing more than 80 people across our County Antrim facilities, we service a range of industrial, manufacturing, and power generation sectors across Northern Ireland, and beyond. Currently participating in a Growth Programme supported by Invest NI, we extended our Mallusk premises in 2015, achieved 23% growth in 2016, and will shortly celebrate 45 years in business.

We've recently announced at least 20 new job opportunities becoming available in 2017 across both of our sites, and we look forward to releasing more good news in the near future as we continue to achieve, and exceed, our growth targets, expand in to new and exciting markets, and develop our innovative and creative approach to modern engineering.

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We're An IET Enterprise Partner!

Rachel Doherty - Friday, February 24, 2017

GES Group are a founding member of the IET's Enterprise Partners!

In 2016, the Institution of Engineering and Technology launched their Enterprise Partners Programme. Long-associated with large corporations and global brands, the IET recognised the importance of entrepreneurial and innovative SMEs to Industry, and GES were approached to become a founding member.

As an Enterprise Partner, our employees have access to a wide range of professional development opportunities, including: Professional Registration, free networking events, discounted training, and access to an online Career Manager, as well as a library of resources.
To encourage employee participation and uptake, GES Group offer a 50% subsidy for annual IET membership, in addition to supporting employees through the optional Professional Registration process. Currently, in addition to our IET Members, we also have six employees going through the Professional Registration process to become either an EngTech (Engineering Technician), IEng (Incorporated Engineer), or CEng (Chartered Engineer), depending on their qualifications, knowledge, and experience.
Employees who wish to become an IET member and/or complete Professional Registration, should contact Rachel Doherty, Head Office.
Engineering - Forget A Job, Get A Career









Growth for GES with 12 Vacancies

Rachel Doherty - Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Northern Ireland's leading and award-winning Electrical and Mechanical Engineering company, GES Group is continuing to grow and prosper with the recent announcement of 12 Engineering vacancies based at their Ballymena Services division.

Recent years have seen the Company expand their premises, win multiple awards, and continue to achieve their ambitious growth targets, and now the Company wish to add to their pool of professional and experienced Engineers. For more information on the opportunities available, go to: www.ges-group.com/careers

GES Celebrate National Award Win

Rachel Doherty - Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Grants Electrical Services Ltd. (GES Group), recently received a national award in recognition of their commitment to staff, innovation, and skills development, outperforming organisations many times their size.

Competing against heavyweights like Transport for London, Dell Global Support, and BT Openreach, GES Group won the Bronze Award in the Training Journal Awards ‘Best Change Management’ category, and was the only company from Northern Ireland, as well as the only SME, nominated at the awards night.

Category Judge, Richard Smith, commented:

"Although by some way the smallest organisation among the finalists in the Training Journal Awards, GES fully deserved their high award for a really well-run change initiative, which has transformed creativity and teamwork across their business."

Employing more than 80 people across our County Antrim facilities, we service a range of industrial, manufacturing, and power generation sectors across Northern Ireland, and beyond. Currently participating in a Growth Programme supported by Invest NI, we extended our Mallusk premises in 2015, achieved 23% growth in 2016, and will shortly celebrate 45 years in business. To support our growth objectives, we have participated in a number of Council-run business support programmes

GES Group Managing Director, David Moore, said:

“We have worked very hard to grow the business, investing in our infrastructure, our technology, and our people. We spend approximately £150,000 on training annually, covering everything from Apprenticeship Development, to Senior Management Leadership Training.”

To support our growth aims, we’ve participated in Council-run business support programmes, such as Sales Growth 2, resulting in us developing our own in-house Innovation Programme, delivered in partnership with Ingenuity. The programme supported the development, implementation, and review, of annual Improvement and Innovation Programmes, which have had a massive impact on our business.”

Innovation is defined as "change that adds value", and the Company undertook a significant training and development programme to introduce creativity and innovation into the Management Team, Company strategy, and culture. The programme included 360 Feedback, Psychometric Profiling, One-to-One Mentoring, Training Workshops delivered over Residential Weekends, and use of LaSalle's Innovation Matrix to develop Business Improvement Projects chosen based on their likelihood of success, and their potential impact on the organisation. These were used as the vehicle for implementing change and embedding a culture of innovation.

The Mayor of Antrim and Newtownabbey, Councillor John Scott, and the Mayor of Mid and East Antrim, Councillor Audrey Wales MBE, visited the Mallusk premises to congratulate the Group on our considerable achievement, and to reiterate the need for companies to continue to invest in training to ensure competitiveness.

Cllr Audrey Wales MBE said:

"Council was pleased to hear that Ballymena-based GES Group had won this prestigious national award. GES has been in Ballymena for several decades and it is great to see them achieving such success. I offer them my good wishes for the future, valuing the economic contribution they make to both the local and Northern Ireland economy, and I assure them of Council’s full support."

Cllr Scott noted that:

"The Council was delighted to learn of GES Group’s national award and we hope that our business support programmes have contributed to their ongoing success. To see a local company doing so well on a national stage is welcomed by Council, and through such programmes, we are keen to help other local companies fulfil their potential."

Invest NI has supported the company’s investment in marketing, job creation, and skills development in recent years, culminating in the national recognition.

GES Christmas Comms Meeting 2016

Rachel Doherty - Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Effective communication with all of our employees is valued in GES Group. As we continue to grow and expand, it is becoming even more significant that good communication remains an important aspect of our culture.

Each year, we hold an annual Christmas Communication Meeting, where all employees come together for a presentation, delivered by Senior Management, on the developments, successes, and achievements of the past 12 months, and the company's plans for the year ahead.

In 2016, we were excited to win the Innovation Award, and our CEO, Tom Grant, won the Commitment to Ballymena Award, at the Ballymena Chamber Business Excellence Awards. We were also very proud to win the Bronze Award at the national Training Journal Awards, where we were up against some serious competition from industry heavyweights, such as Dell, Transport for London, and Fuller, Smith and Turner PLC. More information coming on that win soon!

We were recertified to Investors in People last year, as well as being successfully recertified by NQA to our three ISO Standards - 18001, 14001 and 9001. Our Apprenticeship Scheme receieved IET Approval, and we were announced as a founding IET Enterprise Partner. A busy and productive year, by any standard!

In 2015, we were proud to work for 83% of NI's Top 100 businesses, and we were very pleased to increase this to 90% by the end of 2016. With the hard work, dedication, and drive of our entire team, we achieved 23% growth in 2016, and we look forward to a busy, innovative, and successful year ahead.

2016 Christmas Communication Meeting Gallery (click to enlarge):

What You Need To Know About Active Harmonic Filters

Rachel Doherty - Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sources of Harmonic Current

Many modern machines are fitted with DC drives, inverter drives, switched-mode power supplies, and other non-linear loads. These non-linear loads can produce significant amounts of harmonic current. Over time, the amount of non-linear load in industry is steadily increasing leading to greater amounts of harmonic current being injected into the electrical distribution system.

One measure of harmonic current is Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi), which is a measure of the ratio of the RMS (square root, mean, square) value of all the harmonic currents, to the RMS value of the fundamental current. The fundamental current is the current at 50Hz. THDu refers to the Total Harmonic Distortion of the voltage.

Problems Created by Harmonic Current

High levels of harmonic current can cause various problems, such as:

  • Increased temperature in distribution transformers due to increased hysteresis and eddy current losses
  • Triplen harmonic currents such as the 3rd, 9th, 15th, etc. add up in the neutral conductor, and can lead to overheating and burning. This can be a particular problem in older premises where reduced neutral conductors were originally installed.
  • Premature failure of power factor correction capacitors can occur due to resonance at one of the harmonic frequencies.
  • Where the supply impedance is significant, the harmonic current can create voltage distortion, which in turn can lead to equipment malfunction or failure. In particular, three phase induction motors can be effected by voltage distortion, which can lead to loss of torque, overheating, and bearing failure. 
  • Also, there can be problems with inverters, DC drives and UPSs (uninterruptible power supply) all of which have power electronics that switch on particular points on the AC voltage wave.

Harmonic current and voltage distortion can also lead to issues with the electricity supply company. Connection Agreements will refer to the Energy Networks Association recommendation G5/4 “Planning Levels For Harmonic Voltage Distortion And The Connection of Non-Linear Equipment To Transmission Systems And Distribution Networks In The United Kingdom”. The purpose of this recommendation is to ensure that customers do not emit harmonic currents of such a magnitude that they produce voltage distortion on the electricity supply network, as this could cause problems for other customers connected at the same point.

Mitigation of Harmonic Current

One method of reducing the amount of harmonic current being injected into the distribution system is to install an Active Harmonic Filter. This device measures the harmonic currents present and then injects equal and opposite currents to cancel them out.

GES group can design, build, install, commission, and maintain Active Harmonic Filters (AHFs), and are the only approved UK and Ireland distributor for Sinexcel, a non-capacitor-based and innovative technology. Contact us today on 02825 656406, or email info@ges-group.com. Find out more about Sinexcel products.

Cool FM's Mission Christmas Appeal

Rachel Doherty - Monday, November 14, 2016

GES Ballymena is an official drop-off point for Cool FM's Mission Christmas Appeal!

Every year, Cool FM's Mission Christmas raises funds, and collects gift donations, to make sure that local disadvantaged children have a special Christmas morning. In 2015, the appeal raised over £322,000 in gifts and cash, which supported over 8,400 local children.

GES Group encourage employees and customers to dig-deep and support this great cause. There are two ways to participate:

1. Text GIFT to 70808 to donate £5.

2. Drop-off a gift at our Reception that is suitable for a young person, male or female, aged 0-18. Gifts must be new and unwrapped, and with us by Friday, 16th December. 

Every year the 0-3 and 9-18 age ranges run short on gifts (for both genders). Ideas include: 0-3 baby books, bath toys, building blocks, sensory toys; 4-12 board games, puzzles, craft sets, cuddly toys; 13-18 hats, scarves, gloves, sports equipment, perfume/aftershave sets, beauty/skincare sets, popular books.

Who Are You Helping?

Alice has 6 children and had to leave her home quickly because of severe domestic violence. She was unable to take any of her possessions. She was living in a hostel over Christmas, and the toys she received from Cash for Kids were the only gifts her children had to open on Christmas morning. Alice was so grateful that the kids would not be embaraased in front of their school friends when talk inevitably turned to what toys everyone got from Santa at Christmas. 

The Whittaker family had been under extreme stress and pressue after dad was diagnosed with a canerous tumour in his brain and he had to leave work. Costs of attending treatment caused financial struggle, and it was extremely difficult in the lead up to Christmas. Thanks to Cash for Kids Mission Christmas, the family were able to buy a Christmas dinner and actually have a Christmas day as they were not burdened with how they were going to get the children a present as well as dinner. 

Sarah is a single parent to Sam, Phoebe, Amelia and Jake. The family were homeless and on a housing list, struggling to make ends meet. Sarah said: "The presents provided by Mission Christmas were a huge relief, and made Christmas feel special and fun."



GES Fleet Gets A Makeover

Rachel Doherty - Monday, November 14, 2016

As GES Group has grown over the years, so too has our fleet of service vehicles. Now, with over 80 employees and a fleet of 30, it was time for our vehicles to get a makeover!

Grants Electrical Services Ltd. operate a 24/7/365 Emergency Call-Out Service, so it's important that we have a reliable fleet of fully-equipped service vehicles on-hand at all times. It's an added bonus if those vehicles look sleek, smart, and stand-out from the crowd!

As well as making over the outside of our fleet, we've been paying attention to what goes on inside as well. In-line with our ISO 14001 continuous improvement culture, we have invested in the latest TomTom Telematics technologies to monitor fuel consumption, and advise drivers on safer, more efficient driving methods and routes. Monitoring monthly Key Performance Indicators with the Opti-Drive System, such as excessive idling, speeding, harsh breaking, and MPG, has resulted in a ground-up and transparent approach to fleet management.

In 2015, as the result of our efforts, we won the Green Fleet of the Year award at the Business Eye Fleet Industry Awards. The award recognises a company that has placed environmental concerns high on the agenda, including cutting CO2 emissions and improving fuel efficiency, to enable fleets to meet social corporate responsibilities.








Big Energy Efficiency Savings With GES Group

Rachel Doherty - Thursday, November 10, 2016

Maximise your site's energy efficiency, and make big cost savings!

Did You Know?

  • Approximately 20% of business annual energy costs are because of energy inefficient equipment.
  • A 10% speed reduction in a variable torque application can result in a 30% energy saving.
  • Approximately 66% of industrial energy is consumed by electric motors.

A typical electric motor that costs a few hundred pounds will consume many tens of thousands of pounds in energy during its lifetime. To prevent wasting energy, the first task is to measure consumption. GES Group have the specialised test equipment and know-how to help you save hard cash!

We compile a detailed report that can be ran over a typical operating period - from a few hours, to weeks, or even months. We then compile an Energy Usage Report, provide cost effective recommendations, and calculate an accurate payback time.

You can make informed decisions about where and how the best energy savings can be made.

If that wasn't good enough, most of the energy efficiency products we supply are on the ECA Scheme Energy Technology List. Businesses that purchase products from this list can claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance - a first year 100% accelerated capital allowance that delivers all available tax relief in year 1. This is equivalent to 5.5x the benefit of standard tax relief in the year of purchase.  

Products we supply included in the Energy Technology List include: Invertek Drives, Mitsubishi DrivesSchneider Drives, and Brook Crompton W Series Motors.

Search the Energy Technology List.

On top of all this, the Carbon Trust have Energy Efficiency Financing Schemes including the Green Business Fund, and Interest Free Loans. In Northern Ireland, the loans are provided by InvestNI, are unsecured, and can be for anything from £3,000 to £400,000.


GES Group can help with feasibility studies, carrying out Energy Efficiency Audits, and calculating accurate payback rates, to get your Energy Efficiency in top shape!