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GES Engineer Joins Technical Sales Team

Rachel Doherty - Monday, October 24, 2016

GES Group Engineer Curtis Wallace, has joined the Company's Technical Sales Team as a Sales Engineer.

Curtis was interested in the electrical industry from a young age, and decided to pursue electrical engineering as a career. He said:

“Engineering is a great trade to work in – no two days are the same, technology and working methods are always developing, and there’s usually a challenging element to most jobs. You have to think on your feet and find the best solution for the customer.” 

GES Group have achieved unprecedented growth over the past five years, growing revenue by 57% and winning the Business Growth Award in the 2015 Business Excellence Awards. Customer Relations Manager, Lorraine Farrell, commented:

“To grow sustainably, and ensure our customer needs are met, and exceeded, we had to expand our customer service provision. In the highly technical electrical and mechanical engineering industry, it is vital that our sales team have sound technical knowledge and know-how. It’s also excellent for us to promote Engineers from within the business, as they have first-hand experience of being on our customer sites, and in many cases have worked with our customers directly. Curtis is an excellent fit for the Sales Team, with the potential for future progression.”

Curtis brings 5 years' experience to this role, having worked with industrial electrical power systems, electric motors, and power analysis & energy efficiency equipment over the course of his Apprenticeship. Curtis adds:

"It’s exciting to work for a forward-thinking company that is growing, and embracing change. This new role gives me more responsibility, and allows me to have input into how the company operates. I work directly with our customers, providing high levels of customer service, while also growing our Technical Sales division.”

GES Group wish Curtis every success in his new role, and look forward to watching his progression.


GES Win Innovation Award 2016

Rachel Doherty - Monday, October 24, 2016

GES won the Innovation Award at the 2016 Business Excellence Awards, hosted by the Ballymena Borough Chamber of Commerce and Industry, at the Tullyglass Hotel on Thursday 20th October. 


This award recognises our ability to create, nurture, and develop processes that substantially improve the commercial performance of GES.

Innovation is defined as “change that adds value”, and GES Group has undergone significant change and development over the past five years - investing over £300,000 in the Mallusk expansion project, increasing the number of employees from 64 to 82, and becoming accredited to ISO 14001, 18001, and 9001, as well as achieving the

GES Group has successfully grown and developed, becoming an advocate of continuous improvement and change management. To embed this culture in the Company and encourage sustainable growth, GES Group undertook a Creativity and Innovation Programme in 2015-2016, delivered in partnership with Ingenuity UK and supported by InvestNI.

The programme involved 360 feedback and mentoring, a weekend training residential, and the implementation of three Strategic Business Improvement Projects over a six month timescale. The mentoring and training developed key competencies within the Company, and the projects had tangible outputs for GES.



Following on from the initial projects, five Managers are undergoing an ILM Level 5 programme in Leadership and Management, as well as implementing a further five Operational Business Improvement Projects within the Company. Going forward, Business Improvement Projects based on strategy and operations will be a regular addition to GES Group's business growth and development strategy.


GES Celebrate Investors in People

Rachel Doherty - Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Grants Electrical Services (NI) Ltd., was among 52 organisations celebrating Investors in People (IIP) accreditation at a presentation ceremony held at Belfast Castle on 30 September 2016.



Pictured with Head of Investors in People, Paul Devoy, and Northern Ireland Commissioner (UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES)) Mark Huddleston, are Christine Shaw, Project Engineer, and David Moore, Managing Director, GES Group (Grants Electrical Services (NI) Ltd.).

Paul Devoy, said: “Organisations succeed by realising the potential of their people. The organisations receiving Investors in People accreditation today are proof of that. People’s strengths, ambitions, and ideas are the engine of success. IIP accreditation signals to customers and employees your commitment to good business and people management excellence.

If you develop the skills of your employees and improve your employee engagement, success will ultimately follow. Through Investors in People, everything is informed by one principle: good people make a great business."

Organisations are judged to have achieved IIP standards based on a tried and tested methodology of leading practice and a rigorous process of assessment.

Since 1991, Investors in People has set the standard for better people management. The Standard defines what it takes to lead, support, and manage people well. Successful accreditation against the Investors in People Standard is the sign of a great employer who understands that it is people that make the difference.

Mark Huddleston, Northern Ireland Commissioner (IIP), said: “The commitment to the Investors in People Standard by an organisation is demonstration to not only grow the business but more importantly grow the people also. The opportunity today to recognise what has been achieved by these organisations in Northern Ireland highlights the hard work and effort made to rise above the crowd and become a benchmark for people management and development excellence. The event today allows those businesses being recognised to celebrate the achievement of the IIP Standard, and again recognise the benefits to be gained through the continued investment in the skills and effectiveness of the people within an organisation, whether large or small.”

David Moore, Managing Director of GES Group, said: "We are thrilled to have been successful in re-accreditation to the IIP framework. Achieving Investors in People demonstrates the Company's commitment to the development and success of GES Group employees, and our desire to transform organisational performance by continually improving, learning, and growing.”

Group HSQE Manager and Investors in People Co-Ordinator, Rachel Doherty, commented: “Receiving this award is a true testament to the hard work, determination, and dedication of the whole team, who work together to provide a first class service. The IIP process is a rigorous evaluation and the Company would like to thank all of our employees for pulling together to ensure our success. Grants Electrical Services was established in 1972 and has a long history of putting employees first, which is probably one of the reasons we have such a high retention rate, in fact some of our team have been with us since 1972, and in today’s workplace that is unheard of. GES Group will continue to develop our policies, procedures and practices, and we will continue to invest in our people."

Save ££ with the Energy Efficiency Loan Fund

Rachel Doherty - Monday, October 03, 2016

Investing in energy efficient or renewable technology makes sound business sense.

InvestNI's Energy Efficiency Loan Fund, delivered by the Carbon Trust, provides interest free loans from £3,000 up to £400,000 to facilitate an upgrade to your equipment.

Loans are designed so that in most cases, the forecast reduction in energy bills will match the monthly repayment. On average, loans are paid back within 3 years, after which time your business can enjoy real savings.

Technologies eligible for a 0% loan include: Lighting, Heating, Air Conditioning, Biomass - Compressed Air, Process Heating and Cooling, Solar PV, Building Controls, and Refrigeration/Chillers.

GES Group can help you make considerable savings through improved energy efficiency, and we can put together a proposal for you to submit to Carbon Trust to avail of their Energy Efficiency Loan Fund.

Contact us today to discuss your project, or call us on 02825 656406.

Dynamic Motor Testing Boosts Uptime!

Rachel Doherty - Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Predictive Maintenance monitors the health of valuable assets in Industry, allowing for serious, and potentially expensive, problems to be identified quickly, and swift corrective action to be taken.

There are many condition-based monitoring techniques: Vibration Analysis can be used to monitor bearing health, and Thermography can highlight problems before they escalate out of control. One under-used technique is Electrical Testing of motors. There are two main approaches:

Static Testing is carried out on the motor while it is disconnected, and identifies problems such as loose connections, moisture, contamination and weakening insulation.

Dynamic Testing involves measuring the voltage and current of a motor’s three phases while it is operating under normal conditions. The results are used to calculate a host of information relating to the motor, and can identify both electrical and mechanical issues.

If Static Testing is similar to an annual health check, Dynamic Testing is the equivalent of monitoring an athlete during a race – giving the chance for both instant feedback and long-term advice.

Dynamic motor testing includes Vibration Analysis, and Voltage or Current Spectrum Analysis. Both are powerful tools, and are unobtrusive, requiring little if any down time. They can be used to identify a range of electrical and mechanical problems in rotating equipment. Vibration Analysis looks at the kinetic energy given off by defective components, and Voltage or Current Spectrum Analysis looks for the effect defective components have on the supply voltage. Both types of analysis can be carried out when the machine is still running, and are usually performed at set regular frequencies, as part of a Predictive Maintenance Programme. In modern Industry, Predictive Maintenance is now considered vital for maintaining efficiency.

For more information on Static Testing, Dynamic Testing, or Predictive Maintenance Programmes, contact Ray McHugh at GES Mallusk, on: 02890 835567, or email info@ges-group.com.

GES Shortlisted in National Awards!

Rachel Doherty - Wednesday, August 10, 2016

GES Group have been shortlisted in the Training Journal Awards 2016, in the Best Change Management Programme category, along with some big-hitters such as Dell Global Support and Transport for London.

The Company undertook a significant change and innovation programme in 2015/16, in partnership with local training and consultancy business, Ingenuity, which has resulted in long-term culture change and tangible outputs for the Group. The next round of judging takes place in September, before the winners are announced in December 2016.

Benefits of Variable Speed Drives

Rachel Doherty - Monday, June 27, 2016

GES Group recommend, supply, and install a wide range of Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), and other automation components. We stock a wide variety of Drives, of various IP ratings, and can provide technical and expert support, advice and guidance for all of your energy needs.

Maximise Energy Savings

AC motor-driven applications can be controlled with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) to reduce costs. A 10% speed reduction in a variable torque application can result in a 30% energy saving e.g. centrifugal pumps and fans. Achieve greater reductions in energy consumption with VSDs than with any other speed control technique. 

Accurate Process Control

VSDs can be programmed to run a motor at a precise speed, to stop at a precise position, or to apply a specific amount of torque.

Extend Equipment Lifespan and Reduce Maintenance

VSDs gradually ramp-up the motor to operating speed, lessening mechanical and electrical stress, reducing maintenance and repair costs, and extending the life of the motor and the driven equipment.

Elimination of Mechanical Drive Components

VSDs can eliminate the need for expensive mechanical drive components like gearboxes, and eliminate additional equipment costs and maintenance costs, while reducing floor-space requirements.

To find out more about the products we offer, contact Kieran Ervine, GES Technical Sales, on 02825 656406, or email kervine@ges-group.com.

4645KW Rewind Case Study

Rachel Doherty - Wednesday, November 04, 2015

GES Group were appointed by an Irish power company to rewind and refurbish a Parsons Peebles 4645KW, 1488RPM, 11,000 Volt motor at our recently renovated facility in Mallusk.

Project Overview:

We are one of the only Engineering companies in Northern Ireland to offer rewinding and refurbishment services on high voltage rotating equipment, and this project saw GES Group refurbish one of the largest electric motors in the country.

The machine was fully stripped and rewound with a full, resin-rich, coil system, and each coil was tested to withstand 23,500 Volts to earth, and between phases. The winding process was completed in 6 working weeks, returning the machine to the client in a shorter time frame than it would take to receive a replacement.

This Project was delivered in-line with our commitments to Health and Safety, Quality and the Environment through our ISO systems, with full RAMS made available to the client.

GES have completed many successful projects for this client, and look forward to providing this specialist and unique service for many years to come.

Find out more about our rewind and remanufacture capabilities, or call us on 02825656406 to discuss your Project.

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GES Apprenticeship Scheme Gets IET Approval!

Rachel Doherty - Friday, October 30, 2015

We have obtained Approved Apprenticeship status from the IET for our Engineering Maintenance, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, and Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering competency-based apprenticeships.

The Company currently support 18 Apprentices on NVQ Level 3 and Level 5 Foundation Degree Engineering Apprenticeships, which are delivered in partnership with local training provider, Northern Regional College (NRC).

IET Approval recognises apprenticeship programmes that deliver the competencies required for apprentices to apply for professional registration once they have completed their qualifications. Registration, awarded by the Engineering Council, is only available to professional, competent technicians and engineers, and is recognised throughout the world.

IET Approved Apprenticeship status demonstrates GES Group’s commitment to development and progression, and endorses the quality of the Company’s scheme against IET benchmarks, as well as providing Apprentices with access to IET’s vast resources.

The approval process involves a peer assessment by trained and experienced Engineers, who consider a range of evidence and criteria, including: roles undertaken by Apprentices, how the programme supports the wider business objectives, and the level of support available to Apprentices.

IET Accreditation Manager, Dan Canty said: “The IET congratulates GES Group on being awarded approval status, which demonstrates that they maintain the highest standards of quality, content, technician support, and assessment, and continuously improve on those standards.”

GES Group Celebrate Double Win!

Rachel Doherty - Thursday, October 08, 2015

GES won two awards at the 2015 Business Excellence Awards, hosted by Ballymena Borough Chamber of Commerce and Industry, at the Tullyglass Hotel on Thursday 1st October.

Chamber President, Alan Stewart, commented that despite the difficult economic climate of recent years, Ballymena remained a thriving hub of economic activity, listing a number of investment projects undertaken by local businesses in the past 12 months, including GES Groups's £300,000 expansion project.

Dr. Catherine O'Mullan, Director of Curriculum at the NRC, presented GES with the award for Training and People Development. The judges commented that they loved the company's far reaching, and all encompassing approach to people development, while GES also thoroughly endorsed the sentiment that people are your best asset.

The Business Growth Award was presented by Terry Robb, Head of Ulster Bank Ballymena Business Centre. The judges were overwhelmed by the standard of entries for this category, but said that GES had demonstrated how clear vision, defined strategy, and pure hard work can reap rewards in growing your business.

Tom Grant, GES Group CEO, said: "Our Industry requires high levels of knowledge and competency, and our commitment to training and people development is also a commitment to our customers. GES are dedicated to training and upskilling our employees, from our intensive Apprenticeship programme delivered in partnership with NRC, to specialist training for our dedicated Engineers. Our significant and sustainable growth has been achieved through implementing a Strategic 5 Year Development Programme, but it is also a testament to our customer satisfaction levels. I would like to thank our employees for their hard work and high standards, and thank our customers for their continued support."