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Cool FM's Mission Christmas for 2017

  • 29th November 2017

Every year GES Group take part in Cool FM's Mission Christmas, which helps raise funds and collect gift donations to make sure that local disadvantaged children have a special Christmas morning.

In 2015, the appeal supported over 8,400 local children, and in 2016 that increased to 13,361. 

With almost 1 in 4 children living in poverty across Northern Ireland, this year, we want to do even more. 

GES Group encourage employees and customers to dig-deep and support this great cause. There are two ways to participate:

1. Text FIVE to 70808 to donate £5.

2. Drop-off a gift at our Reception that is suitable for a young person, male or female, aged 0-18. Gifts must be new and unwrapped, and with us by Friday, 15th December.

Every year the 0-3 and 9-18 age ranges run short on gifts (for both genders). Ideas include: 0-3 baby books, bath toys, building blocks, sensory toys; 4-12 board games, puzzles, craft sets, cuddly toys; 13-18 hats, scarves, gloves, sports equipment, perfume/aftershave sets, beauty/skincare sets, popular books.

Who Are You Helping?

Alice has 6 children and had to leave her home quickly because of severe domestic violence. She was unable to take any of her possessions. She was living in a hostel over Christmas, and the toys she received from Cash for Kids were the only gifts her children had to open on Christmas morning. Alice was so grateful that the kids would not be embarrassed in front of their school friends when talk inevitably turned to what toys everyone got from Santa at Christmas.

The Whittaker family had been under extreme stress and pressue after dad was diagnosed with a canerous tumour in his brain and he had to leave work. Costs of attending treatment caused financial struggle, and it was extremely difficult in the lead up to Christmas. Thanks to Cash for Kids Mission Christmas, the family were able to buy a Christmas dinner and actually have a Christmas day as they were not burdened with how they were going to get the children a present as well as dinner.

Sarah is a single parent to Sam, Phoebe, Amelia and Jake. The family were homeless and on a housing list, struggling to make ends meet. Sarah said: "The presents provided by Mission Christmas were a huge relief, and made Christmas feel special and fun."