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GES Fleet Gets A Makeover

  • 14th November 2016

As GES Group has grown over the years, so too has our fleet of service vehicles. Now, with over 80 employees and a fleet of 30, it was time for our vehicles to get a makeover!

Grants Electrical Services Ltd. operate a 24/7/365 Emergency Call-Out Service, so it's important that we have a reliable fleet of fully-equipped service vehicles on-hand at all times. It's an added bonus if those vehicles look sleek, smart, and stand-out from the crowd!

As well as making over the outside of our fleet, we've been paying attention to what goes on inside as well. In-line with our ISO 14001 continuous improvement culture, we have invested in the latest TomTom Telematics technologies to monitor fuel consumption, and advise drivers on safer, more efficient driving methods and routes. Monitoring monthly Key Performance Indicators with the Opti-Drive System, such as excessive idling, speeding, harsh breaking, and MPG, has resulted in a ground-up and transparent approach to fleet management.

In 2015, as the result of our efforts, we won the Green Fleet of the Year award at the Business Eye Fleet Industry Awards. The award recognises a company that has placed environmental concerns high on the agenda, including cutting CO2 emissions and improving fuel efficiency, to enable fleets to meet social corporate responsibilities.