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GES Group Site Services

  • 19th February 2015

When your plant or equipment requires repair, how do you remove it from site and transport it to the Workshop?

When you have an outage, or if you are carrying out planned maintenance, the removal and transportation of plant and equipment can be a drain on resources -financially and in terms of manpower and administration. In today's economic climate, many of our customers are choosing to use the expertise and manpower of GES Group in a Site Services role. 

Grants Electrical Services go the extra mile for our customers, working in teams of various sizes to deliver an efficient, competitive and effective solution to machine maintenance issues. We attend sites all over the UK and Ireland, assisting our customers with the task of removing, transporting, refurbishing and re-installing a wide variety of plant and equipment.

We also specialise in predictive maintenance methods and can deliver a bespoke service to a range of industries, enabling potential problems to be identified in advance of any work being carried out. This means less cost and perhaps more importantly, less downtime to production, as only specific machines are targeted for refurbishment.

Our Site Service offering covers not just HV/LV Electric Motors, but also transformers and switchgear, which are often overlooked when refurbishing plant. Refurbishment work is carried out in our own purpose-built workshops, which are fully equipped to handle all types of electrical and mechanical plant.

A typical Site Service could consist of:

  • Attend Site Briefing/Induction
  • Provide all relevant documentation - Risk Assessment/Method Statement/Safe System of Work
  • Set up Safe Working Area
  • Operate in conjunction with the customer's Permit to Work schemes.
  • Provide HV SAP, if required
  • Carry out all electrical switching/isolation
  • Disconnect the faulty equipment electrically and mechanically
  • Provide lifting plans, qualified operators and certified equipment
  • Transport equipment to GES Group's Workshop
  • Fully dismantle and inspect equipment
  • Repair/refurbish the machine
  • Transport back to site
  • Install, commission the machine and re-instate all facilities.

For more information, please contact Mallusk Works Manager, Ray McHugh on: 02890 835567.