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GES Take a Trip to the Highlands!

  • 4th June 2014

The tempestuous weather bashing Scotland from the east wasn't enough to stop GES Group Workshop Manager, Ronnie Moore, from paying a visit to AEMT!

On the 14th May, Ronnie, along with other members from the Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades met at the Dakota Hotel, where the AEMT said they were "especially graced with our appearance having flown all the way from NI for the day". GES Group are committed to investigating modern technology and the latest standards, as used by some of the leading motor repair companies worldwide. We aim to learn, develop and grow by sharing industry best practice and implementing the best methods we see in our own Workshops in Northern Ireland, improving our quality standards and enhancing our customer service, to ensure costly downtime is kept to a minimum. The event started on a high, with Len Jones being voted as AEMT's newest council member, representing the Scottish contingent.

Business Talk: How To Master Your Motivation

Bryan Leslie warmed the attendees up with an energetic presentation on how to remain motivated throughout the day (tips that are sure to come in handy for us all!). Attendees commented on his enthusiasm and warmth, with the presentation focusing on the power of belief and positive thinking. He had no trouble in convincing Paul Cockell, Engineering Carbon Products, that he could smash a plank of wood in half with his bare hands!

Technical Talk: The Unusual is Normal

Len Jones successfully kept up the pace with a very interesting but more down-to-earth presentation on the extraordinary lengths Parsons Peebles are going to in the design and manufacture of bespoke HV machines. Similar to GES Group, Parsons Peebles take on complex jobs re-engineering existing assets to upgrade their performance, which requires considerable investment and R&D.

Workshop Tour: Parsons Peebles

After a fill of lunch provided by the Dakota Hotel, the group journeyed over the Forth Bridge for the highlight of the day - a tour of the Parsons Peebles facility. Len Jones took on the role of host and tour guide, showing off the facilities with great pride.

To view the presentations that were used on the day log-in to the Members Area of the AEMT website.

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