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R&D Trip to China!

  • 28th February 2017

Sinexcel, GES Group's Power Quality partner, have launched a new IP54 enclosed version of their AHF and SVG units, as well as new self-contained battery storage equipment. GES Managing Director, David Moore, went on an R&D visit to find out more.

GES Group are the only approved distributor and integration partner for Sinexcel products in the UK and Ireland. We currently design, manufacture, and install bespoke systems for their Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) and Static Var Generator (SVG) ranges. Sinexcel are preparing to introduce the new IP54 enclosed version of AHF and SVG, which will soon be introudced into the UK and Ireland markets by GES. GES Group Managing Director, David Moore, made a R&D visit to Sinexcel in China.

While visiting, David also got to see Sinexcel's new 50kW and 100kW self-contained energy storage mobile battery units. This forms the basis of the model that GES Group intend to develop further, for release throughout the UK, Europe, and even further afield in the US. 

Sinexcel are constantly developing their product ranges, incorporating innovative technology, through their drive for continuous R&D, and GES are proud to partner with Sinexcel to develop and deliver their products in the UK market, and beyond.