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Solar Park PV Case Study (1MW Phasing to 2MW)

  • 12th January 2015

GES Group was appointed to provide the design, installation and commission of a turn-key PV site containing a Medium and High Voltage

Project Overview:

Following a Project Study and Feasibility Assessment, we outlined the key programme of works including deliverable milestones, estimated duration of tasks and allowances for any unanticipated issues, identifying a specific Schedule of Works and including a detailed Cost Schedule, before commencing the installation.

Some key components of the Project included:

  • 1MWp solar PV array
  • DC to AC inverter
  • LV switchboard
  • LV (415v) to MV (11kv) ground mounted transformer
  • Site LV import from grid
  • Neutral G59/2 (ETR 113) Synchronisation
  • Earthing and Neutral Voltage Metering Installation
  • Supply of energisation

We were responsible for all civil works associated with establishing the site of the LV/MV transformer substation enclosure, including the civil design of the foundations, and all works were in specification to WPD and compliant with DNO Grid Code for site location. Earthing facilities were also provided by GES to the premises; this was to ensure the installation complied with the requirements for TNS.

Protection settings were designed and applied by GES to function satisfactorily at all times, in accordance with the performance level declared by the manufacturer, and in the presence of electromagnetic phenomena appropriate to industrial environments (in accordance with G59/2 and ETR113). We also provided Neutral Voltage Displacement (NVD) protection, which included the interconnecting cable between the DNO 5 limb VT within the substation, and the G59 protection cube.

Switchgear and control systems were supplied and installed, including a SCADA system with cost-effective remote telemetry operation that enables web-based portal access and monitoring. GES provided full training in the use of the system to the client. We delivered a detailed MV grid connection solution, including full system design and schematic drawings, and we completed the ENA application form for DNO Fault Current grid study on behalf of the client.

This Project was delivered in-line with our commitments to Health and Safety, Quality and the Environment through our ISO 14001, 9001 and 18001 systems, with full RAMS made available to the client.

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