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GES Launch New Product & Service Portfolio

  • 5th July 2017

Launched at the Company's highly successful 45th Birthday Bash, held at Mossley Mill, Newtownabbey, on May 11th 2017, a PDF version is now available to download.

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What You Need To Know About Active Harmonic Filters

  • 25th January 2017

High levels of harmonic current can create all sorts of problems in your power system. GES bring you a quick guide, to let you know what harmonics are, and how we can help mitigate them!

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Big Energy Efficiency Savings With GES Group

  • 10th November 2016

Maximise your site's energy efficiency, and make big cost savings!

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Save £££ with the Energy Efficiency Loan Fund

  • 3rd October 2016

Investing in energy efficient or renewable technology makes sound business sense.

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  • 17th August 2016

Predictive Maintenance monitors the health of valuable assets in Industry, allowing for serious, and potentially expensive, problems to be identified quickly, and swift corrective action to be taken.

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Benefits of Variable Speed Drives

  • 27th June 2016

GES Group recommend, supply, and install a wide range of Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), and other automation components. We stock a wide variety of Drives, of various IP ratings, and can provide technical and expert support, advice and guidance for all of your energy needs.

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GES Group Site Services

  • 19th February 2015

When your plant or equipment requires repair, how do you remove it from site and transport it to the Workshop?

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Make Big Savings With eTracker Technology!

  • 18th November 2014

GES Group believe in offering a full Energy Solution package to our customers, and that includes tracking energy usage on-site.

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Grants Electrical Achieve Industry First

  • 12th March 2014

Northern Ireland based Electrical and Mechanical Engineering company, GES Group makes a considerable investment in new and innovative testing technology.

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SKF E2 Bearings

  • 12th February 2014

GES Group's Ballymena Workshop is the only motor rewinding facility in Northern Ireland that uses the SKF E2 Energy Efficient deep groove ball bearings as standard in our motors for repair.

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