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Single Phase

Contstruction: Aluminium
Frame Size: 71 to 90 (Capacitor Start/Induction Run) / 71 to 100L (Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run) / 63 to 90L (Permanent Capacitor)
Output: 0.12kW to 1.5kW (Capacitor Start/Induction Run) / 0.18kW to 3.0kW (Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run) / 0.09kW to 2.2kW (Permanent Capacitor)
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Single phase motors are used primarily in small workshops and farms with a domestic supply. Some industrial equipment specifically uses a single phase electricity supply, such as fans, blowers, centrifugal pumps and high pressure washers.

Dependent on the application we are able to offer different types of single phase motors.

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