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PAFSS Fire Suppression


Electrical enclosures can be found, often in multiple numbers, in almost every workplace, factory, warehouse, and commercial site. These small enclosures, including those for distribution, control, communication, networking and servers, can present a problem where faulty equipment, damaged wiring, or improper installation can increase the risk of fire.

Fires in such enclosures can be difficult to spot, often becoming obvious when it is too late to take action.

Jactone PAFSS Direct Low Pressure (DLP) fixed fire suppression systems have been specifically designed to protect small enclosures in accordance with Loss Prevention Standard, LPS 1666.

PAFSS DLP systems provide protection inside the enclosure and discharge at the heart of the fire, extinguishing quickly and preventing the fire from spreading to neighbouring enclosures/equipment, and the wider building.

This can significantly reduce the risk of injury to personnel and losses caused by equipment down time and operational disruption. 

GES Group are the only approved PAFSS installer and retro-fitter for electrical enclosures in Ireland.

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