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Dynamic Balancing - 2 Ton Fan


Dynamic Balancing



Scope of Works

Dynamic Balancing on a 2000KG fan, 2463mm in diameter.

Project Overview:

GES Group have a specialist Dynamic Balancing Team who use three Avery Dynamic Balancing machines, allowing us to balance at fixed and varying speeds, on rotors ranging from small special-purpose, typically up to 4500kg, and 2200mm in diameter. We carry out single and two plane balancing for all types of industries across Northern Ireland, from local agriculture to national Power Stations. 

Balancing is carried out using IRD Mechanalysis equipment, either in-house on our soft-bed balancing machines, or on-site if it is not practical, or economical, to move the unit to our Workshop. In this case, GES Group carried out Dynamic Balancing on a 2000KG fan, 2463mm in diameter.

Scope of Work:

  • Collect fan from customer site, and deliver to customer when works complete 
  • Metal spray repair and machine the fan shaft back to original tolerance
  • Dismantle the fan preserving the front cone and back plate
  • Remove all blades and prep the remaining surfaces
  • Manufacture new blades matching curve and profile
  • Weld in position
  • Carry out Non-Destructuve Testing on the fan welds
  • Carry out Dynamic Balancing on the fan

To find out more about our Dynamic Balancing capabilities, contact Ray McHugh on Tel: 02890 835567, or email: rmchugh@ges-group.com.